Consultation on obtaining a driver's license

Replacement and reissuance of a driving licence

In case of loss or damage of driver's license, change of personal data (surname), opening of another category, replacement of old license with a new one and in some other cases there is a necessity to exchange or reissue the document. If you do not want to lose time waiting in queue, we will take over the replacement or reissue of driving licence, and help with the preparation of documents, including doctor’s certificate for driver’s Form 083/a. In addition, our prices for these services are lower than those of many competitors, with a high rate of performance.

If you are still unsure whether we can help you with your problem, please contact us for advice!

License reissuing or replacement with Documents Kyiv - easy, fast and inexpensive!

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Consultation on the reissuing/obtaining of a driver's license
Doctor's Certificate for drivers Form 083/๎
Replacement of a driving license
Reissuing of driving license

Order: Replacement and reissuance of a driving licence

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