Restoration of documents of the registry office

Reissuance (discovery) of documents in Ukraine

Sometimes it happens that the document can get lost or damaged, or old-style documents are not accepted in certain structures (often new-style documents are needed to prepare an official package for another country). In this case, it is necessary to reissue the documents at the authorities that issued them.

The documents that need to be reissued most often are the birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, registry office extracts, and tax identification number (TIN).

Document discovery in Ukraine is a complicated business, especially if you have to travel to another city or come back from abroad.

Our company will take the trouble to reissue the birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. You will only need to make a notarial power of attorney to our employee and send a copy of the document requiring reissuing (if there is no copy, the name, place and date of registration of the act of civil status). If necessary, we will also undertake notarial translation and apostille of reissued documents.

If necessary, all types of documents can be recovered through a lawyer's request.

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